“Seriously witty. Playfully fun. It’s one of the best kept secrets in LA and a thoroughly enjoyable evening of comedy…The conventions of Shakespeare and the fearlessness of modern improv make outrageous bedfellows for the versatile gals of CHICKSPEARE who conquer on all comic fronts. The laughs are contagious, the joy always present, so go and let yourself be carried away by their charms.”  —BroadwayWorld.com

The brightest, breeziest, brassiest summer entertainment is back! Chickspeare is fast, fun, physical, all female and fully improvised Shakespeare!

Every Chickspeare performance is unique, based on an inspiration from an audience member. After a brief introduction, the cast then improvises a full play in 5 acts, in the style of Shakespeare’s comedies. While every plot is different, each performance is a high energy, fun-filled show with lots of laughs and lots of heart, using Shakespearean themes and language. Five simple benches, twelve skirts, and six scarves are employed to create all the places and characters which bring the show to life. The all-female cast of seven plays women, men, animals (and even the occasional object) in weaving a complex tale of love!

Chickspeare also returned to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival this fall, for the third consecutive season.

CHICKSPEARE  runs August 4th through September 29. If you are interested, please call us at 323.871.1193