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We are currently offering both LIVE and virtual options!

Improv skills to help virtual teams connect, communicate, and collaborate.



People know us for our hilarious, fully improvised show, ComedySportz®. In our CSz Business Trainings, we teach how improv skills translate to business: thinking nimbly, supporting others, building solutions rapidly and cooperatively, and crafting and presenting engaging stories. Along the way, participants laugh, grow closer, and become a better team.

Our trainers are vaccinated and ready to come to you. We’re also bringing these programs to Zoom, so all your employees can play, right from their personal workspaces!

Whether your team has just made the shift or has always been virtual, our unique mix of teambuilding and skill-building is a great way to take a break together and recharge. We can deliver these services anywhere you have people online!

Improv Skills Exploration (50-60 min)

Focusing heavily on fun and camaraderie, your CSz Business Instructor will use improv games that teach the following:

  • Staying present for team members and customers, even online

  • Accepting and recognizing differences in each others’ circumstances

  • Supporting and giving space for each other to contribute

  • Letting go of mistakes

  • Strengthening connections between team members

Improv Teambuilding Intensive (105-120 min)

Includes focused, one-on-one experiences that deepen understanding of one another. This program includes all the benefits of the Exploration, but also addresses:

  • Relating to each other deeply, based on shared experiences

  • Discussing culture: Who are we as a team? What’s important to us?

  • Building a team contract for virtual co-working. What are our expectations of each other? What are our ground rules?

CSz Business Training can design training that fits your needs and goals.

Whether you work with CSz Worldwide or any of our 25+ member companies, you will be treated to some of our most popular offerings as well as the opportunity to collaborate on a custom learning solution, perfect for your team.

Customer Service. Team Building. Leadership. Ideation.

As CSz performers, we use our improvisation skills onstage to get people laughing.  Conveniently, offstage, we use them to run a successful business. We specialize in teaching people HOW to use improvisation techniques in their work lives. We teach the essential, yet often overlooked or discarded, communication and listening skills that will consistently improve the quality of your work, home and social relationships.

We call this Applied Improvisation.

Customer Service. Team Building. Leadership. Innovation. Your Goals.

Applied Improvisation is not “winging it.” We never wing it. Applied Improvisation is a highly refined system of observing, connecting and reacting in order to move a situation forward–in conversation, in business, in life.

Listening with true focus, staying in the moment
Accepting circumstances and what others bring to the table
Supporting others by taking care of them and making them look good
Taking Competent Risks by trusting and using intuition
Letting Go of Mistakes by learning and moving on

CSz has delivered successful training to employees in every known industry, from film studios to firemen, network execs to nuns, lawyers to lumberjacks. Really. We’ve been hired by more than 70 of last year’s Fortune 500 companies, often repeatedly. We offer vital information in a format that is thoroughly entertaining and makes the discussion of key concepts more resonant and memorable for your people. And that’s the goal–give them a great experience that will bond them socially and empower them in their work capacity.

The results are pretty positive. We make something out of nothing, and make something better out of the opportunities we are given.

And one more thing: We never forget the fun.

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