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Shows for Everyone

Our signature show, ComedySportz®, is always suitable for everyone. When was the last time you could take your kids to a comedy show and laugh together?  There’s something for everyone in a ComedySportz® match, from slightly cerebral to slapstick. You can bring the grandparents, too.

Make us the star of your event, and we’ll make you the hero. 

Given the good, clean, funny nature of what we do, ComedySportz has a vast and loyal fan base, and we often perform our signature style of entertainment on special occasions, in offsite locations.  Everything we do is suitable for all audiences and can be customized to suit honorees and/or special events. Whether we improvise, customize and/or script  our shows for you, we guarantee a hilarious and memorable event for you and your group.

Birthday parties. Anniversaries. Family events. Retreats and reunions.  Any occasion that could benefit from a healthy dose of good clean funny is a perfect opportunity for ComedySportz! We’re totally portable and fill the shape of any venue with laughter and joy, be it a home, banquet hall, back yard or block party.

Shows for Schools

We’re the top provider of improvisational theatre for schools in California, and we do it for all ages. Want to keep those elementary kids fascinated? Need a show for those hard-to-please middle schoolers?  Need special entertainment for a senior high banquet, party, post-prom or assembly? We’re you’re answer.

We’re members of the Drama Teachers Association of Southern California and the national Educational Theatre Association.  We’re not only members of the California Educational Theatre Association, but our artistic director is its president. We’ve been inducted into the California Thespian Hall of Fame. Oh, and did we mention we run the largest teen improv program in the United States?  All true.

Our shows can be any length and even be customized for your event. We’ll work with your budget. We even do training events for your student body or staff.

Client Comments

“As you may know, it’s difficult to find something that is ‘cool’ or ‘hip’ enough for 6th, 7th or 8th graders. We were in complete awe over the kids’ laughter, concentration and pure enjoyment. We’ve never seen 600 kids so involved in an assembly.”
DeMille Middle School

“Performances at our venue need to be not just entertaining, but must incorporate an interactive component. ComedySportz was a perfect choice. The actors are funny, talented and very professional.”
Los Angeles Children’s Museum

“ComedySportz created a safe and fun environment. They were wonderful – enthusiastic, professional and supportive of their students.”
A.S.K. Theatre Projects

“CETA is so very fortunate to have you as a creative resource. As an organization, we are indebted to you in so many ways. Working with you has been a joy.”
California Educational Theatre Association

“You were absolutely wonderful! Girls and adults alike were laughing tremendously! A wise person once said ‘Laughter is the best medicine.’ If that is true, ComedySportz holds a medical degree. You are terrific.”
Girl Scouts, Joshua Tree Council

“It is difficult to find activities which are appealing to high school seniors while still being appropriate and entertaining. Your performance was all these things and more. Senior year is a very special time for these students and they work hard to raise the needed funds for activities which create lifelong memories. You performance was worth every cent.”
Thousand Oaks High School