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The Building Blocks of Everything We Do

For Your Business, University, Church or Community Organization

When people see a ComedySportz® show for the first time, they’re often struck by how the players seem to read each others’ minds, and how completely they support each other. No one seems worried when things go wrong – often, the audience can’t even tell that something isn’t perfect.

It’s not an accident.  It’s by design, and we apply those same skills to your company – we call it “Applied Improvisation”.  Give us a few hours of your people’s time, and we’ll help you build a stronger team.

We focus on these areas:

  • Laughing together
  • Thinking fast
  • Listening with focus
  • Letting Go of preconceived roles and roadblocks
  • Sharing mistakes – and shaking them off
  • Saying YES, AND…
  • Honoring and Building on our teammates’ contributions and ideas
  • Finding where we’re needed without direction
  • Committing to the goal
  • Making Others Look Good
  • Celebrating our team accomplishments

Sounds like a pretty good team, doesn’t it?

All of our workshops contain multiple elements of team building – and they go way beyond “trust exercises”.  Trust doesn’t happen just because you catch someone falling backward. We give you the building blocks that create trust.

Team Building is the core of what we do.

Workshops range from two hours to multiple days to a series over several weeks.  Let us know what you need.  We’d love to help you build your team.

For more information, call Anne at 323.871.1193 or visit our CSz Business section for various training options.