Welcome to CSz Los Angeles Sunday Team 2017! Below is EVERYTHING you need to know about being on the Sunday Team!

Please communicate with Lauren and Kurt throughout the season. Let us know if you are having any difficulties or if your availability changes.

There are so many great things at ComedySportz that you now get to be a part of as a Sunday Team member! Please check out CSZ shows by our Main Stage, College League, and Rec League. Check out our cool long form shows. Check out our labs (free training for company members in topics such as reffing, coaching, and directing). We hope you will take in interest in our theatre, treat it like your own, and be a part of our CSz family!


You need to have availability on ALL Sunday nights from 4:30pm – 9:00pm! This includes the workshops and shows. Even if you are not scheduled for the show, you must watch and stay for notes. Missing more than 6 times means you will be asked to leave the Sunday Team. If you miss 30 mins (or more) of the workshop, show, or notes, it counts as an absence.

Shows are scheduled at the discretion of the coaches. Players are not guaranteed any number of shows, and it may take a while before new players are phased in. However, we do our best to divvy up playing time as fairly as possible.

How the Night Goes:

Workshop begins at 4:30pm at the theatre.
(Enter at the side door across from the Federal)
4:30-6:30 Workshop
6:30-6:50 your time*
6:50 Players warm up and members not playing find a seat in the house.
7:00-8:30 Show
8:30-9:00 Notes**
*This is your time to eat a snack you brought from home, change for the show, do any box office business, and help the players or house staff as needed. Please do not leave the theatre during this time. It’s a long night, so please bring a snack and a drink if you need it.
**Please do not change before notes. Notes are quicker if we are not waiting for everyone to change or chat with their friends.

CSz Code of Conduct:

Any player who performs intoxicated will be asked to leave The Sunday Team.

Respect your teammates. Be mindful of people’s boundaries and space. Remember our audience, our players, and theatre staff come from diverse backgrounds. Be aware of your words and actions. Also note that our warm-ups can often be overheard by the audience even when you are warming up backstage.

If you ever have an issue with sexual harassment, please let your directors know. If you do not feel comfortable telling them please report it to the office or to James. We have a zero tolerance for all harassment.

How to Make Payments:

Your Sunday Team fees pay for workshops and notes provided by a professional coach, as well as a musician and house staff for shows, and the costs of weekly Sunday shows (paying for lights, theatre maintenance, etc.)As a Sunday team member you are not required to volunteer.

To pay for the Sunday Team please go to: SELECT A PAYMENT PLAN. This season of the Sunday Team will last six months and cost $252, which covers weekly two-hour workshops, shows, and notes — in addition to the extra benefits of being a member of the company (i.e. free rehearsal space, casting notices, long-form shows, etc.). We offer THREE payment plans:
MONTHLY: $42/month. http://bit.ly/sundaymonthly
SINGLE PAYMENT: $250. http://bit.ly/sundayteamsingle
USHER SQUAD: Free. Ushers are required to work at the theater 2 – 3 times per month. Space on the usher squad is limited and preference will be given to returning players. To apply for the usher squad: https://goo.gl/forms/xf6uwrC2n4pgR1ic2
Please select your payment plan and make your first payment by Sunday Feb 19th 2017.

How to Get Scheduled in Shows:

New players your names will be added soon!
Step 1. Go to: https://cszla.com/oss/
(with nothing else behind it! Sometimes computer cookies will screw it up)
If it directs you to the country-wide team page scroll down to Los Angeles.
Step 2: Scroll down and find your name
Step 3: Enter your password which is your first name (space) last name. (Please do not change it, it’s only for the office and no one will see anything private.)
Step 4: Click ‘Enter Availability’
Go to the month you would like to use and click on the bubble next to the shows you are available for that month. You may also submit your availability for Friday and Saturday night shows. If an announcer or sub is needed, Alexis may use you.
Step 5: Click submit availability!

After submitting, you will be directed to a page that shows you what you entered to verify everything is correct. At the bottom you will see a thing that says: Do you need to send the main office any notes about these shows? USE THIS to let us know if you have folks coming that night, if you will be late, if you’re avail for show not workshop or vice versa, or for anything else we shold know!
Also all players please make sure you have entered ALL info on your player profile, like birthdays, addressed, etc.


Workshops start at 4:30 pm and end at 6:30pm. Workshops are every Sunday unless notified. Occasionally we take Sundays off for Holidays.

We will be focusing on a variety of subjects to help keep you a strong improviser and CSzperformer. Your workshops are led by Lauren or Kurt and occasionally by a guest teacher. We believe in positive, supportive and safe workshop environments. This is the place to take risks and put your self out there.

Uniforms and Hygiene:

What is the uniform?

The Comedysportz uniform is a red and blue team jersey, black CSz pants, black and white CONVERSE (or Converse-style brand x shoes), white socks, and a white undershirt (this helps with sweat control and eliminates creepy accidental nudity/underwear moments).
Keep your uniforms clean and wrinkle free. Bring them to every show.
Do not modify the uniform! Wear it properly and as intended. Be sure to take off watches and jewelry before the show.

Make sure you are well-groomed and wearing deodorant. We get close to each other and close to our audience. Also please be sure your hair is pinned back.

How to buy it:

ORDER YOUR UNIFORM! New and returning players need new uniforms, so click on this link (bit.ly/cszkits) to order yours. Please place your order by March 2017.

Box Office and Backstage info:

For tickets for friends and family by phone (no service charge) and show info, call the 24-hour Ticket Hotline: 323.871.1183
(During the workday and at show times, you’ll usually get a live human!) Sometimes we have VIP tix avail.

Live-in significant others may attend the show for free if there is room available. As a Sunday Team member you may see any CSz show for free! However, any non-paying company member may be asked to give up their seats to a paid guest.

The captains, ref, house manager, and coaches are in charge backstage. Please keep the hallway clear!

Captains are assigned by the coaches, and captains should be the only ones discussing games. Do not argue over games. Trust your captain! Hopefully, the captains will be choosing games are best for the show and audience and that best use the talents of their team members. Captains check with ref or the person in charge when in doubt.

Thank you and welcome!
Lauren Pritchard and Kurt Scholler
CSz Los Angeles Sunday Team Coaches